“After deciding to work with the custom cabinet company that we had hired due to communication problems and missed deadlines, we looked to our designer (Kristina Crestin Design) for a recommendation. Shawn Curran was the first person she recommended. While Shawn's primary business is custom homes, he also has a custom cabinetry and millwork business, Northshore Custom Woodworking. Having learned about Shawn's quality of work and customer service, I expected that his pricing would be substantially higher than the previous firm, and the three other bids we had received. In fact, he was exceedingly reasonable. More importantly, in the many meetings we had with Shawn and Peter, they were extraordinarily helpful and flexible in the design. Several times, they made changes or fixed issues that weren't theirs (a sub wrote on a cabinet and Peter sanded and refinished the drawer) and we decided last minute to do a wooden range hood cover rather than metal (and they produced it within days). I couldn't be happier with Shawn, Peter, Melanie and the team, and look forward to working with them on woodworking and more in the future.

Aaron D