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Last year my wife introduced me to a movie she took out from the library called “Glitch in the Grid“. I was thoroughly impressed with the imagination and creative talents of the creators and felt inspired to let them know how much I respected and connected with their work. The movie is full of beautiful animation and videography that kept me interested the entire length. The large-scale landscape animations were especially captivating. After watching the flick I went to their website to see what other work they might have available. It turned out they have a great number of videos and artwork that explore all kinds of subjects I identify with and inspire me.

In stepping out on a limb I decided to email the filmmaker Eric Leiser just to let him know the film was not only refreshing, but was filled with inspiring ideas, imagery, and content that resonates with me. As a side note I mentioned I would be honored to help them set up a new website that could help show the work with a more image-driven design that would align well with their work. Eric and his brother Jeff, a musician for the films, was delighted to take me up on my offer.

The animation produced by Albino Fawn Productions has also rekindled a fire in me to begin exploring animation and video more on my own. I can’t speak for all artists and designers, but there are times where I feel that concepts I have inside me are waiting to come out and sometimes the medium or “language” to use can be a mystery until you see the possibilities introduced by other artists. I am excited to start exploring the realm of video more and how to combine it with my work in painting.

You can view the new site that was developed using one of ThemeTrust’s themes here:

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