As an Artist

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Across the Marsh, Acrylic on panel, 32″ x 48″ | Ben MacAdam

As an artist my interest is to continually discover and describe beauty. Mostly inspired by landscapes, my work is created to describe moments of tranquility, memory, movement, and imagination. The pursuit involves an abstract and naturalistic vocabulary within the window of a painted surface. Similarly, a website is a window into your business, organization, or whatever it may be. So it is vitally important that you portray a professional image and positive experience for viewers. My experience with painting is a useful talent I apply to design projects. My primary focus is on usability for the viewer, and then design follows along with it so the audience’s viewpoint is of foremost importance. In painting it is all about inviting a viewer to participate in a narrative or idea. The process of balancing concept, functionality, and beauty leads to simple, clean, solutions that collectively give viewers a coherent picture of what your content is about. MacAdam Design can help you get your content seen with a clean and professional approach.

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