How I Got Into Web Design

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Fine art is what originally led me into web design and development. In need to update my painting portfolio I learned to code basic HTML and CSS in 2008. Not only for the purpose of making updates, but I grew curious to experiment with interactive situations that the web lent itself to. To me it was much like performance art. The simple act of rolling-over a link and having an effect take place was appealing to me. These subtle interactions between viewer and content continue to inspire me. In my first design portfolio site I experimented with ideas like using an abstract group of circles that change appearance when clicked and allow you to browse each page. I enjoy the prospect of finding new ways to convey information using the tools available today.

View 2008 portfolio site.

This blog will serve as a form of inspiration and reflection that will help shine light on what makes MacAdam Design unique. not just see a portfolio of client work. but design that encourages decisions I make. I have been designing/developing websites since 2008 and officially became a business in 2011.

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