What Are the Benefits of Using WordPress?

Posted on Apr 22, 2013 | No Comments


I find myself getting asked this question often. There are many reasons other than blogging functionality that make WordPress an appealing choice for your website platform. WordPress is what I recommend and use for my web projects even if a blog isn’t needed.

Web developers and clients can be simultaneously happy with using WordPress because it has benefits that serve both parties. Of course there are other Content Management Systems out there, and I am not claiming it is superior to others necessarily, but it has always suited my needs.

Here are…

5 benefits of using WordPress:

  1. “It’s a CMS so it saves time for everyone. No need for client to use FTP software or learn how to code…”

    When you have your new website and need to make an update or post an upcoming event, you can log-in and update things yourself without knowing how to code or have software to connect to your site with development software. It’s also possible now to make updates from your smart phone if you’d like to.

  2. “It is out-of-the-box SEO friendly…”

    The next thing that comes to mind is how friendly WordPress is for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Not only are there built in functions such as setting URLs to be the titles of pages and posts in a clean manner, but there are plugins like WP SEO by Yoast that make it simple to check off a number of SEO best practices. Also the simple act and ability WordPress offers of “tagging” a page or post improves your chances of being found online.

  3. “Lends itself to Responsive Design well…”

    In no way at all do I mean all WordPress sites are responsive or that any other platform can’t be, but there are many options for responsive theme structures that make this easier. With the rapid gaining number of users viewing the web on mobile devices and tablets, it’s important your website be a pleasing experience for all audiences.

  4. “There are numerous “plugins” available.

    It is wonderful how much community involvement there is with WordPress and because of it there is a huge amount of resources out there about using it. There are also really smart people everywhere who are constantly improving the platform and making plugins that make it better everyday.

    Integrating your site with social media tools, allowing people to comment on your content, and being able to feed content to other social media sites, are all easy tasks to set up with the help of plugins.

  5. WordPress is my tool so it makes sense to use it…”

    It always makes the most sense to use the tool you’re most experienced with and especially if you know it will get you the results you desire. So being aware of WordPress’ capabilities and how to utilize them has given me all the more reason to use it regularly.

  6. This is not an exhausted list in any way. So if you used to hear the word “WordPress” and think of it as merely a free blogging tool that is limited in functionality and design, you should now know that it is a powerful CMS that is highly customizable. If you thought WordPress was limited to templates you see offered online, the truth is almost any website design can be built using WordPress to power it.

    If it sounds like you are ready for your customized WordPress site please contact me for a free consultation!