Why Not Use a Website Template and Do it Yourself?

Posted on Mar 20, 2013 | No Comments


Let’s face it, the ability to make your own website today has never been easier. The immediate convenience of free templates and drag-and-drop control can sometimes make you feel like web designers or developers are becoming a bit unnecessary for smaller projects. But fortunately I have found the opposite is true.

In reality a website template usually comes with limitations and can be frustrating to customize yourself unless you understand how to code around them. We are all designers these days. You know what you like when you see it, and we tend to see good design often. But design isn’t always driven by purpose as you may find templates you like the look of, but soon realize it doesn’t fit your image or content as uniquely and professionally as you wish.

My desire is to approach design purposefully and with my experience in building websites I can envision what’s possible and work with you to customize a website that matches your high expectations. To me usability and concept should precede and fuel design rather than just look good for the sake of it. I offer more than what a template on it’s own can as I take on each project with fresh ideas specific to a client’s needs. In no way do I want to deceive you – I often use high quality templates to start from and don’t keep that a secret, but I design and code around such templates to serve your specific needs. MacAdam Design is able to make it affordable for you to have a professional quality website because of the use of solid templates that can give a foundation to start from.

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